Welcome to Juicy Woman

Re-define + Joyfully Explore Your Female Body

Welcome to Juicy Woman

a VIRTUAL SAFE SPACE to be ALL OF YOU in a polarized world, curated by Fonda Clayton.

This place is for you if you are ready to UNLEARN what society dictates what a woman is and how she ought to behave. Investigate + create your own version.

This is not the place for you if you are the 'yeah but police', want to debate or need to be right instead of happy, luscious and available to your life.

What is the Juicy Woman Community?

The Mission + Purpose

This community was created because you deserve privacy + exclusivity as you ::

Unlearn + Unpack the 3D version of womaning, which usually ain't got nothing to do with you.

Uplevel to your 5D Experience because that is so much more interesting.

When you discover the lies and the truths of womanhood, you want to share it. But 'out there' there are only a few options to choose from :: the viewpoint is narrow and censored. Read: boring and unsatisfying!

A Juicy Woman uses her Divine Feminine to attract a life that is filled with love, worth, and inner peace. She seeks harmony in her spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical 'lives' because she understands that all of these parts of herself are what make her whole and complete.

What We Do


Explore and ENGAGE intimate questions about womanhood. Re-Define all levels of relationships, develop + heal the relationship with yourself.

Learn how to witness and BE witnessed by other women so that you truly know how to be unbothered (true healing).

AKA :: Learn the benefits of a loving community.

CLUB JUICY (Premium Community)

Communing + Gathering Matters. It is one thing our women ancestors knew that we have lost | forgotten or never been taught. This community is filled with women who want to innerstand the benefit and power of being around women just as gracious + juicy as she is. Because her intention is to leave the world better than she found it.

Club Juicy (unofficial name tbd by premium members) is premium level community within Juicy Woman that connects professional women who want to expand (start) their business, seeking a deeper meaning + expansion to life. Every woman is supported here to reach for her biggest + happiest life she can imagine.

The Club Juicy members are part of the Juicy Woman community but are part of a premium group within Juicy Woman.

Club Juicy Circle ::

:: Be a part of a community of like minded women who know there is more to life than meets the eye and are willing to have what they have dreamed up. Because they are stretching to the new, they understand accountability and support make it easier to accomplish their vision|goals.

:: Participates in Live Classes that build on creating an outrageous and delicious life. 

:: Receive direct coaching from Fonda Clayton + insider access to all things Juicyland.

:: Participate in challenges to help you sharpen your tools in mastering areas in your life: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, Business, Health, Relationship + Fun

:: Have access to exclusive content + conversation with Fonda's tribe members, mentors and teachers who are industry leaders to help/guide you in reaching the next level in your relationship to yourself + others, life (overall) and in business.

** Club Juicy is an investment in you (now) and the person you are willing to become, you just need some guidance and support.

Club Juicy Enrollment Status ::  Enrollment is currently closed. Join Juicy Woman to be the first to know about open enrollment dates.


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